New Report from the Benchmarking Working Group

I/O Characterization of Large-Scale HPC Centers — Benchmarking Working Group, OpenSFS (PDF)

The  OpenSFS  Benchmarking  Working  Group  (BWG)  was  created  with  the  intent  of  defining  an  I/O  benchmark suite to satisfy the requirements of the scalable parallel file system users and facilities. The  first step toward this end was identified as characterization of I/O workloads, from small scale to very large scale parallel file systems, deployed at various highCperformance and parallel computing (HPC) facilities  and  institutions.  The  characterization  will  then  drive  the  design  of  the  I/O  benchmarks  that  emulate  these workloads.

As part of the characterization, the BWG released a survey at the Supercomputing Conference in 2012,  to  solicit  participation  and  collect  data  on  file systems  and  workloads  in  HPC  centers.  This  paper  summarizes the data collected and our analysis.